Pastoral Overview

Pastoral Overview Download Pastoral Care Booklet (PDF) As teachers in a Loreto school we accept the intrinsic pastoral nature of teaching. We recognise that the pastoral dimension is complementary to the academic and that both are necessary for effective learn ing and to enhance student progress. The school community expects that the relationships between students […]

Overcoming Barriers to Learning Using ICT

We were delighted to be shortlisted in the ICT Excellence Awards 2019 in conjunction with Capita; C2K and the Education Authority. These Awards celebrate the innovative and collaborative use of technology in schools across Northern Ireland and the positive impact on students and their wider communities.  In the category of Overcoming Barriers to Learning by […]

KS3 - House System

LORETO KEY STAGE 3 PASTORAL HOUSE SYSTEM The Pastoral House System encourages pupils from Years 8, 9 & 10 to get to know and work alongside one another, thereby fostering co-operation and nurturing a sense of service, camaraderie and healthy competition. The House System promotes good work and behaviour, teamwork and opportunities to take on […]

Child Protection

Child Protection The School’s Child Protection Policy supports each student’s development in ways which will foster security, confidence and independence. The School staff recognises that students have a fundamental right to be protected from harm and have their safety and well-being promoted. Students cannot learn effectively unless they feel secure, therefore Child Protection is an […]

Anti-Bullying Policy

The aim of this policy is to create a non-bullying ethos in Loreto Grammar School where the relationships between: students and students students and staff staff and staff will be based on mutual respect, trust, caring and consideration for others, rather than on power and strength. STEPS FOR A “SHARED RESPONSIBILITY APPROACH” Student reports threatening […]

Drugs Education Summary Policy

This school believes we should be a drug free community. Unfortunately drugs are a reality in our lives therefore it is vital that schools, parents/guardians and the community share the responsibility to educate students about the risks and consequences of drug use and misuse. Together we can encourage young people to make healthy, informed choices […]

SENDO Inclusion Summary Provision

Special provision is made for students who cannot fully access the curriculum in the usual classroom situations, e.g. students with needs which require different or additional support. The teacher in charge of Special Educational Needs is Mrs J. Young. A Special Educational Need may come under the following categories: 1. COGNITION AND LEARNING (CL) – […]

Positive Behaviour Management Policy

Loreto Grammar School promotes a positive approach to behaviour management based on respect for the rights of others. We seek to nurture in each student a positive self-image, helping her to mature as an understanding tolerant and responsible person. Our mission statement is “Our school strives for excellence as we carry forward the Loreto tradition.” […]


The Daily Mile Makes you Smile 27.08.21

Period Dignity

Period Dignity refers to the accessibility and availability of essential care needed to support a period, in conjunction with the breaking of stigma and taboo around periods. The NI Executive agreed in December 2020 to fund a pilot scheme to provide free period products to all schools in Northern Ireland with effect from September 2021. The scheme aims […]