Child Protection Summary Policy

Child Protection Summary Policy

The School’s Child Protection Policy supports each student’s development in ways which will foster security, confidence and independence. The School staff recognises that students have a fundamental right to be protected from harm and have their safety and well-being promoted. Students cannot learn effectively unless they feel secure, therefore Child Protection is an intrinsic element of all aspects of the curriculum.

Procedures for Reporting Suspected (Or Disclosed) Child Abuse

The designated teachers for Child Protection are Ms SJ. Fahy and Mrs J. Young.

They assume responsibility for child protection matters.

  • If a student makes a disclosure to a teacher or other member of staff, which gives rise to concerns about possible abuse, or if a member of staff, parents/guardians have a concern about a student, the designated teacher for Child Protection will be informed
  • The designated teacher will discuss the matter with the Principal as a matter of urgency to plan a course of action and ensure that a written record is made.
  • The Principal, in consultation with the designated teacher, will decide whether, in the best interests of the student, the matter needs to be referred to Social Services.
  • If there are concerns that the student may be at risk, the school is obliged to make a referral. The safety of a student is our first priority.
  • Unless there are concerns that a parent/guardian may be the possible abuser, the parents/guardians will be informed immediately.

If a student has a concern about herself or someone else, the following diagram explains the sequence of follow up events:

If you are unsure about speaking to a member of staff, you can phone
CHILDLINE N.I on 0800441111,
or NSPCC on 0800 800500.
These calls are free and will not show up on your telephone bill.

Please see below our Child Protection Policy and Procedure Booklet:

Child Protection (1)

Child Protection Leaflet 2022

 GLA Entrance Assessment Results

Results have been posted to arrive on Saturday 4th February 2023

If any Parent / Guardian of a P7 pupil who sat the GLA Entrance Assessment in Loreto Grammar School has not received results in the post, you may call the school office between 12noon and 1p.m. on Saturday 4th February.

This session is only to facilitate issue of results which have not been delivered.