Aims: As an all girls, voluntary Catholic School, Loreto Grammar aims to provide a curriculum that is: Broad and balanced Motivating and challenging; relevant, enjoyable and engaging Focused on maximising the academic and creative potential of each student Concerned with the spiritual, intellectual, moral, cultural and personal development of each child Developing thinking skills and […]


Each year group will be divided into five classes. These classes generally comprise 24-25 girls who study the following subjects: The curriculum at Key Stage 3 is in accordance with the Revised Curriculum statutory regulations phased in since September 2007. Areas of Learning Contributory Subjects The Arts Art & Design, Drama, Music Language and literacy […]


At Key Stage 4 a range of General and Applied courses are offered. The school is working towards the delivery of the Entitlement Framework and is a member of the Omagh Learning Community. Loreto accommodates students from other schools and facilitates our students to attend subject classes in other schools to meet students’ requirements. The […]


Post 16 The curriculum at Post-16 encourages breadth of study and is complemented by a wide, challenging Enrichment Programme. At Post 16 we offer a range of general and applied courses. The school will meet the requirements of the Entitlement Framework for Post 16 and is currently a member of the Omagh Learning Community.   […]


Literacy incorporates the skills of Reading, Writing, Talking and Listening. It is delivered across the curriculum, through all subjects. Reading: Read a range of texts for information, ideas and enjoyment Use a range of strategies to read with increasing independence Find, select and use information from a range of sources Understand and explore ideas, events […]


Numeracy Numeracy is used in everyday life. For instance, Numeracy skills are important for the following activities: Time management Shopping Reading newspaper articles or watching the news Cooking Travelling Finance In fact, the list is endless! The difference between Mathematics ‘the subject’ and Numeracy is that whilst a lot of Mathematics is applicable to everyday […]


To complement the academic curriculum and develop skills, talents or special abilities, opportunities are provided for students to participate in the following clubs, teams and activities: POST 16 CURRICULUM ENRICHMENT PROGRAMME To complement the academic curriculum and develop skills, talents or special abilities, opportunities are provided to participate in the following clubs, teams and activities: […]


Assertive Mentoring Programme “A Mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you” Bob Proctor, Author & Speaker. The Assertive Mentoring Programme will establish a productive partnership in which the learning environment is goal focused, evidence based and students are enabled […]


“Habits of Mind are the characteristics of what intelligent people do when they are confronted with problems, the resolutions of which are not immediately apparent.”  – (Prof Art Costa) What is a Habit of Mind? A Habit of Mind is knowing how to behave intelligently. A Habit of Mind is knowing what to do when […]


Year 13 R.E: Faith Development Programme At Post 16 the R.E Programme has key features: An adult parish-based programme. Teachers as facilitators. Wide range of speakers and organizations. Personal, social and moral issues. Building community in Year 13. Students plan, implement and evaluate. Outreach projects are designed to complement the Year 13 Programme. Students choose […]


Key Skills Provision KEY SKILLS: MICROSOFT OFFICE SPECIALIST, LEVEL 3 AS students are all encouraged to gain experience and qualifications in the Key Skill of Information Communications Technology. The Microsoft Office Specialist programme ensures students develop essential transferable skills that help to improve their learning and performance in education, training, work and life in general. […]


  STEM is an abbreviation for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. In a fast paced, dynamic business environment, employers need a workforce of problem-solvers, innovators, and inventors, who are self-reliant and able to think logically. STEM subjects infuse these attributes in young people and prepare them for the life long learning and the world of […]


Shared Education Signature Project “The overall aim of the project is to scale up the level of sharing throughout schools in Northern Ireland. It can provide financial support to improve the educational and reconciliation outcomes in schools working collaboratively. The programme is open to all schools who have some experience of working in a cross-community […]

Year 10 Choice Event 2023

Year 10 GCSE Subject Choice Information Prior to submitting GCSE subject choices (before 3:30pm 10th March 2023) please see the following information for your guidance: Video (Year 10 GCSE Subject Choice Information Video) featuring guest speakers: Head of Year 10, Mrs Mc Nally Head of Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance, Mr Wilson Past Pupil and […]


Welcome to our Post 16 Information Event   The information below will provide you with a comprehensive overview of our Post 16 provision. Whether you are a current Loreto GCSE student or a student from another school, you are most welcome to view our video and Post 16 Prospectus. If you require further information, please […]