Assertive Mentoring Programme

“A Mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you”

Bob Proctor, Author & Speaker.

The Assertive Mentoring Programme will establish a productive partnership in which the learning environment is goal focused, evidence based and students are enabled to achieve their full potential.  We will employ strategies to effect improvement in students, when underachievement or under-performance is noted. We will intervene when a student can be reluctant to change, stuck or has any other pastoral circumstances; providing support and encouragement and looking at the student’s whole picture to understand events and apply specific strategies or interventions necessary to effect change.

Students will avail of fortnightly formal meetings in which the GROW strategy will be employed to enable each student to reflect, target and forge secure positive outcomes for themselves. Mentors are Teachers and Assistants who will offer their professional intervention strategies to ensure that an environment in which, “every child matters and no student is left behind” is established. Mentors will be positive role models and their encouragement is paramount to securing positive outcomes for all students. They will hold evidence based formal discussions, regarding grades, progress, attendance, homeworks and attitude. They will identify and agree Targets with their Mentee; these will be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time specific. They will monitor achievement of goals and intervene on the Mentees behalf where necessary. They will seek the support of parents and endeavour to work in partnership in order to ensure that the opportunities for pupil progress are maximised.

Mentoring will provide an: “ system moulded around the child, not the child around the system. An education system that identifies the true potential of every child and then gives them the means to achieve it” David Milliband 2004

Dear Parent,

If your daughter is nominated to participate in this programme, please feel free to make contact with the Lead Mentor or to whom your daughter is assigned.

Your daughter will be issued with a Mentoring Book, in which all her Formal Meetings will be recorded. Please discuss the goals identified with your daughter and encourage her to use the strategies outlined at her meetings to achieve her targets.

Please be assured of our best interests in your daughter’s progress. We hope she avails of this opportunity and commits herself fully to the quest of ensuring she achieves her full potential.

If you have any concerns which you which to discuss further then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Miss D. Grimes – Lead Mentor