Pastoral Overview

Pastoral Overview

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As teachers in a Loreto school we accept the intrinsic pastoral nature of teaching. We recognise that the pastoral dimension is complementary to the academic and that both are necessary for effective learn

ing and to enhance student progress. The school community expects that the relationships between students and students, students and staff, staff and staff are based on mutual respect, trust,

caring and consideration for others, resulting in a highly motivated learning environment.

The pastoral system exists to achieve the following aims:

  1. To provide a safe, caring and supportive atmosphere for all members of the school community
  2. To be sensitive and responsive to the needs of individuals and to offer sympathetic, confidential guidance when required
  3. To provide a network of personal contacts for all members of the school community
  4. To monitor learning across the curriculum in order to support each student to achieve the maximum of her potential
  5. To empower students with the required social and interpersonal skills, experiences knowledge and attitudes to develop active, self-confident, responsible members of society
  6. To liaise with parents/guardians and appropriate external agencies to support individuals in all aspects of their education
  7. To promote high standards of behaviour and self-discipline.
  8. To create a stimulating and safe learning environment which acknowledges and respects the uniqueness, individuality and dignity of each pupil.

This is facilitated by the provision of a Head of Pastoral Care, Heads of Year and Form Teachers who have special responsibility for the welfare and guidance of the students.

Additional Provision

  • A Pastoral Monitor Team (within the Senior Leadership Team) who act as mentors to class groups.
  • A special induction programme is provided for Year 8 students. This programme introduces each Year 8 student to a Year 12 “FRIEND” who helps ease the transition into the new school environment and makes the student feel welcome and secure.
  • All students are provided with an induction programme of ongoing pastoral theme events to facilitate their transition into each subsequent year group.
  • Annual anti-bullying programmes across all year groups.
  • A confidential counselling service is available in school provided by Familyworks Schools Counselling Service. Young people can selfrefer to the counsellor or where concerns arise, members of staff will make a referral.
  • Students access counselling to support them with a variety of issues; relationships, bereavements, self-esteem, anxiety or stress.
  • Annual Well-being Events aimed at supporting students in their emotional and social well-being.
  • A School Council comprising of representatives from each year group meet weekly to discuss ideas and school issues.
  • Each student is provided with a ‘Student Planner’ to enable her to organise her school life and to develop links with parents/guardians.

“Pastoral Care creates an environment in school where everyone feels safe, valued and supported. To me Pastoral Care means a friendly face wherever you are. No one is excluded or unappreciated. Pastoral Care is  the light at the end of the tunnel.”– Aoife

“The Pastoral Care team in Loreto are always on hand to talk to about the stresses and struggles of school life.” – Aine

“Pastoral Care in Loreto has helped me by providing me with encouraging support in times of need.” – Caitlin