Anti-Bullying Policy

The aim of this policy is to create a non-bullying ethos in Loreto Grammar School where the relationships between:

  • students and students
  • students and staff
  • staff and staff

will be based on mutual respect, trust, caring and consideration for others, rather than on power and strength.


  • Student reports threatening behaviour incident to a member of staff.
  • Report of incident made to Form Teacher/ Head of Year.
  • Form Teacher/ Head of Year interviews student in distress as soon as possible.

Responses to Bullying Behaviour

In Loreto we aim to support the child who has experienced bullying as well as the young person who has displayed bullying type behaviours. To determine the level of severity of bullying behaviour which has occurred, staff involved will determine the following:

  • The nature of the incident
  • The frequency of the incident
  • The duration of the behaviour
  • The perception of the child being bullied.

The facts will be collated and clarified by, listening to the views of all, with a no blame approach. They will identify undesirable / bullying behaviours will be identified and discussed fully with the individual / group involved.

The aim will be to promote understanding from the perspective of the child who has been bullied, to encourage responsibility and find a resolution.

Parents/ Guardians of the child who has been bullied and the child engaging in bullying behaviours, will be informed at the earliest convenience and their support sought.

In deciding upon an intervention, all the facts will be taken into account, including the intent of harm, the severity of the incident, the willingness to take responsibility as well as whether there was any provocation.

A level of intervention will be identified in an attempt to support and resolve the issues presented.

It is important to remember that every bullying incident will be individually assessed and an intervention chosen which best meets the needs of all pupils. In Loreto we work collaboratively to create a safe, happy and caring environment in which our students are encouraged to learn and achieve their potential, free from verbal, physical or emotional harm.