Positive Behaviour Management Policy

Loreto Grammar School promotes a positive approach to behaviour management based on respect for the rights of others. We seek to nurture in each student a positive self-image, helping her to mature as an understanding tolerant and responsible person. Our mission statement is “Our school strives for excellence as we carry forward the Loreto tradition.” To fulfil this mission it is expected that the relationships between students and students, students and staff, staff and staff, are based on mutual respect, trust, caring and consideration for others, resulting ultimately in a highly motivating learning environment. The promotion of positive behaviour management necessitates a collaborative partnership involving parent(s) /guardian(s), teachers and students to reach the highest possible standards of excellence.

We believe that the school should guide students towards appropriate behaviours, so they can enjoy school work and life to the full. The school aims to provide a framework of affirmative, positive and caring discipline through effective and timely intervention. The school has a clear expectation that students, staff and parents will be courteous, polite, tolerant, and respectful of the views and values of others. The school recognises that students respond to encouragement and praise and measures are in place to guide students who do not adhere to the Code of Conduct.

INCENTIVES – One key objective of this policy is to encourage students to exhibit high standards of co-operation, respect, behaviour, organisation and work. We are committed to promoting self-discipline and enhancing student self-esteem by fostering high motivation levels in all students, recognising and rewarding positive behaviour. This is promoted in the following ways:

Frequent use of encouraging language and gestures, both in lessons and around the school, so that positive behaviour is instantly recognised and positively rewarded Prizegivings which recognise achievements e.g. academic, creative and community outreach Students achievements both in and out of school celebrated in Assemblies
Class teacher giving oral or written encouragement News bulletins to staff and parents Constructive and positive approaches to assessment, marking and evaluation
Congratulations cards School Website Personalised letters
Subject specific merit systems Local Press Achievement Record
Student Profiles School Magazine Certificates
School Pastoral Notice board highlighting achievements. Attendance awards Classroom Pastoral Notice board highlighting achievements


Outstanding Recognition for individual students may be recorded for:

1 Notable Achievement e.g. Student of the Month, Academic Work, Significant Sustained effort, Competition success/Events
2 Commitment to Responsibility Roles e.g. Peer Mentoring, Notable contribution to extra-curricular groups
3 Commitment to Leadership Roles e.g. Prefect Duties, Member of Student Council, Senior Leadership Team
4 Commitment to the Spirit of Loreto e.g. Respectful, A Friend to everyone, Lives the Loreto Values of Justice, Sincerity, Joy, Truth and Freedom

When a student has received FOUR positive achievements; the Form Teacher will record this in the Student Planner, to communicate with parents/guardians.

  • At SIX positive achievements, the Form Teacher will communicate this to the student by card.
  • When EIGHT Positive achievements have been recorded, a letter will be forwarded to parents/guardians.


The Code of Conduct outlines the regulations and expectations of the school. It is intended as a guide towards good behaviour and self-discipline. The Code of Conduct covers the areas listed below and further detail can be found in the Student Planner or the full Code of Conduct can be obtained from the School Office on request.


Reflected in adherence to school uniform regulations


Reflected in good language and manners both inside and outside the school.


Reflected in respect for self and others.

  • CARE FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: Reflected in care for the classroom, the school and community environment, and the property of others.
  • HEALTH AND SAFETY: Reflected in the regard for regulations and procedures which will ensure personal safety and well-being of others.