SENDO Inclusion Summary Provision

Special provision is made for students who cannot fully access the curriculum in the usual classroom situations, e.g. students with needs which require different or additional support. The teacher in charge of Special Educational Needs is Mrs J. Young.

A Special Educational Need may come under the following categories:

1. COGNITION AND LEARNING (CL) – Language, Literacy, Mathematics, Numeracy





What do we do?

  • Determine the nature of the difficulty and therefore the provision required. The following information may be used: medical reports, psychological reports, EA(Western Area) reports, cause for concern reports from teachers, parents or students, formative and summative assessment information, information from parents/guardians or previous schools.
  • Involve parents/guardians at the earliest opportunity and keep them informed.
  • Plan for and provide additional support, where necessary.
  • Review the student’s progress (based on twice yearly reports) to plan for future provision.
  • Create Individual Educational Plans which facilitate a collaborative approach in enabling the student to achieve their potential.

How can parents/guardians support us?

  • Work in partnership with the school by providing information to assist in understanding the student’s needs at the earliest opportunity.
  • Provide home support in helping the student to achieve her true potential.
  • Participate in progress review meetings.

Helpful documents and links for parents: 

Please find below information conveyed by the Western Digital Safeguarding Steering Group regarding new NSPCC content for online safety designed for families of children with SEND.

Links to publications for online safety for families of children with SEND content on the NSPCC online safety hub.



Included on each of these pages are links to activities to help talk about online safety for this specific audience:

·         Sharing personal details

·         Friendships online

·         One-page profile

·         Cyberbullying for children with SEND visual article

·         Talking to people online for children with SEND visual article


Transfer and Admissions to Year 8 September 2024

Update on Key Dates and Information on Special Circumstances and Special Provisions, following the SEAG Entrance Assessment,  are available in section: “Transfer 2024”