Senior Leadership Team

Leadership development and formation is an integral part of the educational experience at Loreto. We seek to develop dynamic student leaders in Year 14 with “heart” wisdom, vision, the will to influence and bring about change in the school community through a meaningful role of responsibility on the Senior Leadership Team. A team of enthusiastic, […]

School Uniform

While wearing the school uniform a student represents this school. It is important that a student is dressed neatly in the FULL uniform. This is strictly monitored. It is advisable to have all items of uniform clearly marked with the student’s name. Full uniform must be worn at all times and is a condition of […]

Code of Conduct

The CODE OF CONDUCT outlines the regulations and expectations of the school. It is intended as a guide towards good behaviour and self discipline. Breach of the Code of Conduct constitutes unacceptable behaviour The Code of Conduct is not exhaustive in outlining expected and unacceptable behaviour and there will be times when behaviour is deemed […]

Canteen Arrangements

Canteen   The school operates a cashless cafeteria system for the provision of school meals. A unique digital number is generated from a scan of the individual student’s fingerprint. This number is stored on a secure server and when students want to add money to the system or purchase food from the cafeteria their finger […]