Canteen Arrangements



The school operates a cashless cafeteria system for the provision of school meals. A unique digital number is generated from a scan of the individual student’s fingerprint. This number is stored on a secure server and when students want to add money to the system or purchase food from the cafeteria their finger is scanned and matched to the stored unique digital number which is linked to their account. Students, whose parents have opted not to participate in this system, will be issued with a PIN number. This PIN will be used by the student and the school takes no responsibility for misuse of the PIN.

The objectives of the cashless cafeteria are to:

  • Provide a range of nutritionally balanced food for students;
  • Widen the choice of food available to the students; and
  • Enable students only to pay for the items selected.

At lunchtime each student can choose from:

  • Three home-cooked meals – one rice or pasta dish, a vegetarian dish and another dish;
  • A selection of vegetables, potatoes and side salads;
  • A range of snack food, for example, sandwiches, soup and sausage rolls;
  • A selection of fresh fruit, scones, sweets and tray bakes; and
  • Hot and cold drinks.

The school emphasises the importance of a balanced diet and a heathy lifestyle. The Food in School Policy is widely promoted to staff, pupils and parents.

Dinner break begins officially at 12.20 – 1.00 p.m. The canteen opens at 12.00 to allow Year 13 and Year 14 students to leave the library and study before 12.20pm. This ensures a more even flow of traffic throughout the lunch period. Students queue at the door in an orderly manner. Students pay for the items selected using their swipe cards at tills located in the canteen. For students in receipt of free school meals, the value of a free meal – £2.70 is automatically credited to their account and the student can select food up to this value. If the value of the items exceeds £2.70, the student will have the difference deducted from their account at the till. Refunds are not available if the student does not spend the full value of the meal, the value of a meal or the surplus are not transferable to other students.

The school also operates a breakfast service between 8.35 – 8.55 each morning.

A range of sandwiches, tray bakes, fresh fruit and hot and cold drinks are also available during the mid-morning break. 1 Teacher and 3 Lunchtime Supervisors supervise the canteen on a rota basis. They ensure that all students adhere to a high standard of behaviour. Food and drinks are not to be removed from the Canteen. In the case of accidental spillage and/or breakage students should inform the canteen supervisor or teacher on duty. Students are expected to leave the floor and tables tidy at all times.