‘In Science we are …..launching the future’ An integrated Key stage Three Science course is delivered in Years 8, 9 and 10. It combines elements of Biology, Chemistry and Physics, as well as Investigative Science and ICT skills. Pupils have opportunities to acquire practical scientific skills through a wide range of active learning strategies. This […]


GCSE – Double Award Science     Introduction A time allocation of ten periods will be provided. Biology, Chemistry and Physics components are taught separately by specialist teachers. The scheme of assessment will be unitised and consists of three units in Year 11 and three terminal units in Year 12 with practical skills assessed in […]


‘Biology . . . . . is for life’ A Level – Biology Introduction The A’ Level specification offers students an opportunity to gain a sound understanding of Biology and to explore modern applications of Biology – e.g. antibiotic resistance, epigenetics and gene technology. It allows students to develop skills such as analysis, evaluation, problem […]


A Level – Chemistry   Introduction Chemistry is the study of elements and the compounds they form. As a fundamental science it is involved in nearly every facet of everyday life. Almost every new technological change and important discovery has its foundation in chemistry. Chemists influence our lives and make the world a better place […]


A Level – Physics   Introduction Physics is that branch of Science that deals with such basic ideas as energy, force, matter and time. It involves the study of heat, light, sound, electricity, magnetism, mechanics and the structure of the atom and its nucleus Recommended GCSE Subjects and Grades  Double Award Science – ** – […]