A Level – Physics



Physics is that branch of Science that deals with such basic ideas as energy, force, matter and time. It involves the study of heat, light, sound, electricity, magnetism, mechanics and the structure of the atom and its nucleus

Recommended GCSE Subjects and Grades 

Double Award Science – ** – BB

Physics Triple Award    – * – B

Mathematics                 – * – B

Other Contributory Subjects 

English, Further Mathematics

Subject Content


Module AS1

Forces, Energy and Electricity

Modules AS2

Waves, Photons and Astronomy

Modules AS3

Practical Techniques and Data Analysis


Module A21

Deformation of Solids, Thermal Physics, Circular Motion, Oscillations, Atomic and Nuclear Physics

Module A22:

Fields, Capacitors and Particle Physics

Module A24:

Practical Techniques and Data Analysis


AS 1 and AS2

Written Papers 1 hour 45 minutes


1 hour practical test

1 hour experimental analysis test

A21 and A22

Written Papers 2 hours


1 hour practical test

1 hour experimental analysis test

Career Possibilities 

AS/A’ Level Physics provides a relevant basis for work in the fields of: Engineering: Aeronautics, Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Broadcasting and Science Journalism Medicine Environmental Physics Optics Information Technology Space Science Geophysics Meteorology

Other Information

Students should develop their practical skills and essential knowledge and understanding in physics in order to use them in new and changing contexts.