“History is the past, present and future”   Members of the Department: Mrs Martina McNally – HOD Mrs Aislinn Connolly Mrs Fiona Kirk Introduction The History Department strives to provide pupils with the historical knowledge and understanding to help them become more aware of the world in which they live, both locally and globally. As […]


GCSE – History Introduction Apart from being interesting, History is very useful. Employers, who see that you have a qualification in History, immediately know certain things about you. You will have acquired many skills, which are essential in life. These skills can be applied to all sorts of situations. You can understand how people think, […]


A Level – History Introduction The periods selected for AS/A2 Level build upon programmes of study at Key Stage 3 and GCSE. In History students study how men and women have interacted with their political, economic and social environment in the past as well as their ideologies/culture. History develops many important skills. It develops knowledge […]