A Level – History


The periods selected for AS/A2 Level build upon programmes of study at Key Stage 3 and GCSE. In History students study how men and women have interacted with their political, economic and social environment in the past as well as their ideologies/culture. History develops many important skills. It develops knowledge and understanding as well as skills in using historical sources. It also fosters the ability to analyse, evaluate and make judgments.

Recommended GCSE Subjects and Grades 

History GCSE A*/A/B

English GCSE A*/A/B

Other Contributory Subjects

Politics, Religious Studies, English


A Level Subject Content 



Module 1: Germany 1919-1945
Mudule 2: Russia 1914-1941



Mudule 1: Clash of Ideologies in Europe 1900-2000
Module 2: Partition of Ireland 1920-1925


Career Possibilities 
History is vocational, useful and exploitable in relation to careers.


Archaeology, Architecture, Broadcasting, Environment, History Teaching, Publishing, Museum.


(Actively sought by employers):- Civil service, Local Government, Diplomatic Service, Journalism, Libraries, Political research, Law, Teaching.


(Employers shown an interest):- Banking, Computer Programming, Fashion Designing, Management, Social Work, Travel Agency

Educational Visits and Special Events
· Holocaust Memorial Day
· A-Level lecture Days
· Fermanagh Feis
· Crumlin Road Gaol Visit

Any Other Information
With History you develop the skills which provide the basis for further study of History and related subjects or progression to employment. History improves your individual awareness. It gives you a sense of identity and equips you with skills for life. The past is the present. So in order to understand the present and indeed the future you must understand the past.


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