“History is the past, present and future”


Members of the Department:

Mrs Martina McNally – HOD

Mrs Aislinn Connolly

Mrs Fiona Kirk


The History Department strives to provide pupils with the historical knowledge and understanding to help them become more aware of the world in which they live, both locally and globally. As young historians, they will understand those influences which have shaped the past and which might influence the future. In addition, History has a significant role to play in promoting the development of the pupils’ literacy, numeracy and ICT skills.

Key Stage 3
At Key Stage 3 pupils study the following topics:

Year 8
The Romans.
The pupils look at life in Roman times in terms of family, schooling, slaves, leisure, religion, and the Roman legacy.
The Normans
The pupils study how the Normans came to England and how they in turn established control. They then look at how the Normans came to Ireland and the impact that this has had.

Year 9
Ulster Plantation
The pupils study the reasons for the Ulster Plantation and what happened during it. They also investigate the impact of the Plantation on Ulster.
Women since Victorian Times
The pupils investigate how the lives of women have changed since the Victorian period, with particular focus on work. As part of this, they study the linen industry in Northern Ireland.

Year 10
Causes and Consequences of Partition
The pupils study reasons for the partition of Ireland, from the Irish Famine onwards. They investigate the effects that this has had on Ireland, with particular emphasis on Northern Ireland.
The Holocaust
The pupils study the circumstances during which the Holocaust took place in Germany. They learn about the events leading up to it and the impact it had on the Jewish population.