Loreto Schools

Since its foundation, the Loreto Institute has been involved in education. With almost 150 schools worldwide and 5,500 staff members serving 70,000 students, Loreto has an international network of schools and colleges. In Ireland there are over 30 schools under Loreto trusteeship. Seventeen of which are Voluntary Secondary schools and seven are Primary/Junior schools, and […]

Loreto Ethos

Care of faith and education remain central to the Loreto tradition. Sharing in the education mission of the Catholic Church, Loreto schools are called on to model and promote a philosophy of life based on belief in God, finding God in all things, striving to live out Gospel values, convinced of the dignity and destiny […]

Loreto Order

Foundation The Loreto Sisters belong to one branch of the Institute of the ‘Congregatio Jesu’, earlier called the Blessed Virgin Mary (IBVM), the religious order founded by an English Woman from a recusant background, Mary Ward in 1609. Mary Ward was inspired by ignation spiritually and the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius. She had a […]

Loreto Philosophy of Education

Centred in God. Rooted in Gospel values. Derives its objectives and specific expression from the insights and vision of St Ignatius of Loyola and Mary Ward. WE AIM TO MAKE OUR EDUCATIONAL COMMUNITIES CENTRES WHERE: love, freedom, justice, sincerity and joy find expression young people feel accepted and allowed to experience the exercise of appropriate […]