Loreto Ethos

Care of faith and education remain central to the Loreto tradition.

Sharing in the education mission of the Catholic Church, Loreto schools are called on to model and promote a philosophy of life based on belief in God, finding God in all things, striving to live out Gospel values, convinced of the dignity and destiny of each individual.

The Loreto school seeks the formation of the students in the Catholic faith, providing enriching experiences of prayer, liturgy, celebration of the Sacraments, reflection, social justice and leadership which nourish the integration of faith and life, the synthesis of faith and culture, and the link between faith and justice. The school provides Religious Education for the students in accordance with the doctrines, practices and tradition of the Catholic Church. The rhythm of the Church’s liturgical year is marked and celebrated in the school.

The creation of a dynamic community where every student is valued equally and has a real sense of belonging is a priority in a Loreto school. Respectful relations between all members of the wider school community are nurtured. The Loreto school establishes contacts with parents and seeks to link with the local parish and with the local community.

While maintaining a Catholic ethos, Loreto schools welcome students of different faiths and of none. Multi-cultural and multi- faith dialogue is fostered. Inclusivity and the celebrations of diversity are hallmarks of a Loreto school.

A Loreto school in the Catholic tradition is called to respect the autonomy of academic subjects. In addition, the school must be outstanding with regard to the solid human, moral, scholastic and cultural formation of its students. The up to date preparation of young people for active and responsible participation in every area of social, economic and civic life is part of the essential mission of all Loreto schools.