Loreto Schools

Since its foundation, the Loreto Institute has been involved in education. With almost 150 schools worldwide and 5,500 staff members serving 70,000 students, Loreto has an international network of schools and colleges.

In Ireland there are over 30 schools under Loreto trusteeship. Seventeen of which are Voluntary Secondary schools and seven are Primary/Junior schools, and two in Northern Ireland are Voluntary Grammar schools.

Loreto also shares trusteeship with others in four Community schools. Four other primary schools in Ireland and Gibraltar also retain links with Loreto.


The Loreto Education Trust Board is the body responsible for these schools and the Board serves the schools through the Loreto Education Centre. The Loreto Education Trust believes that Loreto schools and colleges play an important role in personal and social transformation. The person of Jesus Christ is at the heart of Loreto/IBVM education and Gospel values permeate the curriculum and the whole school experience.

Mary Ward’s core values of Justice, Freedom, Sincerity, Truth and Joy are the foundation of the schools’ spirituality. Discernment, and reflection on experience in the light of the Holy Spirit, leading to action, informs and influences policies, structures, practice and pedagogy.


There are…

  • 70,000 Loreto students worldwide
  • 3,500 teachers in Loreto schools
  • 1,400 support staff employed in Loreto schools