Year 8 Gaelic Blitz

Year 8 Gaelic Blitz Finals

Year 8 had a fantastic day yesterday at St Pat’s Park where they represented their form class in the annual Inter-form Gaelic Blitz Finals. The day started with a parade of all teams onto the pitch. The group games were thrilling to watch showcasing skill, teamwork and fitness. The A and B finals were fantastic with everyone willing their team to win. They were thoroughly enjoyable. The awards were as follows:
A winners-8A3
B winners-8A2
Joint Players of the Tournament-Niamh McNulty & Roise O’Neill 8A5
Loreto FOCUS Awards
1.Spirit in Sport-8A4
2.Committment & Co-operation— Sionnain Trainor-8A1
The Year 11 GCSE PE class used this event to complete their Event Management Task. They showcased skills of leadership, organisation, refereeing, teamwork and communication to carry out this event. They were excellent at fulfilling their roles on the day 👏
All pupils enjoyed a refreshing ice-cream on their break which was welcoming 🍦

Well done to everyone involved in what was a very memorable and enjoyable day for both staff and pupils.