What Have I Learned From Lockdown? – By Caola Catterson


I have learned that I can’t be in control of everything that goes on around me. That the world will keep spinning even if there is a crisis. I have learned that when I put my mind to something, I will stick at it. I have learned to enjoy something that I thought I never had. I have learned to paint a room. I have learned to change a clock right. I have learned to cook a good meal. I have learned to build a dog fort for my Granny’s dog. I have learned to be kinder to my sisters but only a bit kinder.

I have learned that my family will always be there to help me around with things, help me with my work. I have learned that I can depend on my family to bring out the best in me and the worse in me. I have learned that my sister doesn’t fully hate me. I have learned that my little bro and sis can be so excited for something so big and small at the same time. I have learned to open up to my mother more. I have learned that my 1-year old sis can run as fast as hell.

I have learned that my community has tried to help lots and lots of people. They have given out food to the elderly that needs the meals. Some of my community has gone out to buy their neighbours groceries and some of us went to visit the elderly and comfort them. Every day I take my granny for a walk to make sure she keeps fit and gets fresh air. My granny is a carer so every Monday on our walks we go and say hello to one of the people she cares for.

I have learned that my faith is a big part of my life. That I should learn to pray more. I have learned more stories from the Bible and I now see the bigger picture to my faith. I have learned that when I pray, God listens to me every time and I seem happier. I have started to pray for this crisis to be over and for all my friends and family to stay safe during this time.