My First Days at Loreto – By Sarah Slevin

My First Days at Loreto

When I first entered Loreto, I could hear my own heart-beat thumping through my chest as if there was someone in there trying to escape. The first thing that made me feel at home was the delicious smell of hot buttered toast. The smell made me feel warm and welcomed.

On my first few days at Loreto, I felt like the puzzle piece that didn’t fit into the puzzle. But as soon as I met my Year Twelve friend, I felt as if I had been there forever! She was so helpful and kind hearted like the big sister that I never had.

One of the things that scared me the most in Loreto was seeing the hundreds of girls on the corridors. I felt like the baby bird amongst all the older, bigger birds who were swooping in and all around me. I was relieved to get in to the safety of my next class.

Every Break time, my friends and I would meet at the All-Weather pitch. After an overwhelming morning of head crunching lessons, it was good to go for a dander and get some fresh air.

Mrs McCann took us swimming. I was very anxious about diving and swimming in deep water and so was my friend, Caoimhe. But we stuck together like two peas in a pod and as we started the swimming lesson, I felt a WHOLE lot better because my friends comforted me and made me feel I had nothing to be scared of. And that’s the secret ingredient of LORETO!

By Sarah Slevin 8a4