My First Day at Loreto – By Mary-Ann McMackin

My First Day at Loreto

I had butterflies in my stomach on my first day at Loreto. When I went into the building, I immediately felt reassured when my new classroom assistant, Siobhan, warmly welcomed me in the large, looming school.

I then met my Year 12 friend called Grace. She was super friendly to me and sometimes even got me Kinder chocolate.

The atmosphere felt very friendly and bright as I strolled into my Form class and met my Form Teacher, Mrs. Grant. She was also stunningly kind and taught us a lot of historical facts about the Romans.

There’s a whole package of so many new subjects that came my way when I started Loreto. One of my favourite tasks was writing about My First Day at Loreto.

I felt so exhausted at the end of the day. When I went home, I immediately snuggled myself into a blanket and dozed off to sleep but I couldn’t wait for the next day and what new subjects I would learn tomorrow.

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 GLA Entrance Assessment Results

Results have been posted to arrive on Saturday 4th February 2023

If any Parent / Guardian of a P7 pupil who sat the GLA Entrance Assessment in Loreto Grammar School has not received results in the post, you may call the school office between 12noon and 1p.m. on Saturday 4th February.

This session is only to facilitate issue of results which have not been delivered.