My First Day at Loreto – By Mary-Ann McMackin

My First Day at Loreto

I had butterflies in my stomach on my first day at Loreto. When I went into the building, I immediately felt reassured when my new classroom assistant, Siobhan, warmly welcomed me in the large, looming school.

I then met my Year 12 friend called Grace. She was super friendly to me and sometimes even got me Kinder chocolate.

The atmosphere felt very friendly and bright as I strolled into my Form class and met my Form Teacher, Mrs. Grant. She was also stunningly kind and taught us a lot of historical facts about the Romans.

There’s a whole package of so many new subjects that came my way when I started Loreto. One of my favourite tasks was writing about My First Day at Loreto.

I felt so exhausted at the end of the day. When I went home, I immediately snuggled myself into a blanket and dozed off to sleep but I couldn’t wait for the next day and what new subjects I would learn tomorrow.

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