My First Day at Loreto – By Eabha Hughes

My First Day at Loreto

In Loreto we have an earthquake full of new exciting subjects. I am as delighted as a birthday girl opening a wonderful massive present when I was introduced to a new subject. My favourite subjects so far, are Technology and Design and of course Home Economics because I just LOVE to bake. This year I am starting a new courageous adventure.

In Loreto they were so many other girls, I felt like I was caught like a little sparrow in a flock of eagles but I soon got used to it and so will every new pupil. I was definitely ready to leave primary school because I am having so much fun.

The canteen is like a whole new world, where I just want to try everything because everything is as scrumptious as the last chocolate brownie waiting for the one and only me. I love the food and I get to try new things which is great.

The homework wasn’t as daunting as I thought it would be in the first few weeks and so far I am managing my homework better than a Premiership Football manager!

When I started secondary school, I got the bus home which was not daunting at all because my Year Twelve buddy kindly showed me how to get to the bus depot and how to get the right bus home so now I feel so I confident and independent, exactly what I hoped to be on my first day at Loreto.

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