My First Day at Loreto – By Ciara Reape

My First Day at Loreto

As I walked through the gates of Loreto, I felt a rush of excitement. I instantly knew this was where I was destined to be. I happily raced into school, eager to meet all my friends and begin my new Loreto journey. The delicious smell of warm toast relaxed me and made me feel calm and collected.

As I strolled into my Form Room, I could hear the chattering noise of my fellow peers. It was a lively atmosphere and I was dying to know about everyone’s summer holiday. Suddenly, the echoing bell rang, and within a split second, we were all racing to our classes, eager to get started.

Eventually, it was lunchtime. I was pleasantly surprised that the lines seemed to stay in order. Queuing for food was an easy process and I got quite excited when we were scanning our fingerprints to pay for our food! Imagine! It saves so much time and reduces the stress of losing money.

Ciara Reape 8a4