My First Day at Loreto – By Cass Cameron

My First Day at Loreto

As I tip-toed timidly through the Loreto gates, I could feel my thumping heart beating rapidly. My mouth was as dry as a desert. Nervously, I followed mature smart girls mimicking their every move.

In the distance I could see the big, brown building waiting to welcome me. As I quietly strode through the silent but swift automatic blue doors, I could feel the extreme heat. It was as calm as the ocean.

Suddenly, a soft-spoken teacher asked me a question. My lips answered in relief and then I replied carefully. She guided me quickly to the Assembly Hall glancing repeatedly at me like a teddy bear ready to give me a warm tight hug.

I rushed eagerly to the overwhelming canteen, trying enthusiastically to barge past caring, kind girls, wondering curiously what amazing food was on offer. I jumped up nervously hoping that my all-time favourite dish was there. Thankfully it was!

It was then time for me to go home. The day flew by like a paper aeroplane soaring through the bright blue sky. Now I just had to wait excitedly for the next day to come.

Cass Cameron 8A4

 GLA Entrance Assessment Results

Results have been posted to arrive on Saturday 4th February 2023

If any Parent / Guardian of a P7 pupil who sat the GLA Entrance Assessment in Loreto Grammar School has not received results in the post, you may call the school office between 12noon and 1p.m. on Saturday 4th February.

This session is only to facilitate issue of results which have not been delivered.