My Experience of Lockdown – By Shauna McCrory


In my personal opinion there were two ways of going into lockdown. It could have been a complete tragedy, or it could have been a blessing in disguise. I chose the second option.

I made out a plan on the first week of lockdown that I was going to have a daily routine. I would do my chores in the morning, then do some schoolwork, have lunch and finish off my schoolwork in the afternoon. I stuck to this plan. It is nothing like going to school every day, but it helps me cope with the lockdown a lot better, as I like having a plan.

The good weather so far has meant that I have been able to go outside and practise my sports with my three younger sisters. This has helped me tremendously as it is something to look forward to and is very enjoyable because I am not stuck in the house all day. Also, I look forward to the weekend and a structure means that each day doesn’t become the same.

After 7 weeks of lockdown I will never take for granted seeing my friends when I walk into school smiling and saying hello, or being able to hug my Grandad and go into his house. I will always appreciate working in a team where everyone supports each other and works for the same cause. I also will never take for granted ever again playing sports, enjoying my time on the field and on the court.

Lockdown has shown me that all the little things you do in your daily life really mean something and that when they are taken away from you, you understand that everything has to be appreciated. It has shown me that the support of your family and friends can help you get through anything that comes your way.

Although lockdown has been challenging in so many different ways there has been positives throughout it. So, if lockdown has taught me anything it is that you have to look for something positive every day, even if some days you have to look a little harder.