LESSONS FROM LOCKDOWN – By Sarah-Jane Thompson

LESSONS FROM LOCKDOWN – By Sarah-Jane Thompson

During the difficult period of lockdown, I have learned that I miss my school friends and my teachers: the company of my friends and the guidance of my teachers. Home school isn’t too bad as you can pick and choose your working hours but having the knowledge of my teachers is a vital point for my learning.

 My family, although I can only see most of them from a distance and through technology, is quite difficult. My mummy is the main carer for my granny as she has dementia. I have been helping mum to care for granny. Some days are not always easy. It is then that we turn to our faith and pray together as a family. I also pray to God myself often throughout the day and every night before I go to bed.

The community has been practicing social distancing and looking out for each other. Mum and I have been taking groceries to the vulnerable and our housebound neighbours. I know that our community set up a group to give vouchers to the elderly and the sick of our village.  My granny got a voucher to help her with groceries. This was founded by Alannah McMenamin’s mum, and a local photographer taking lockdown family photos from a distance and the families donating to the cause. This was a truly wonderful act of kindness by all involved. It feels great to help others and keep the community spirt up.

 I will never forget my time during lockdown and I take nothing for granted now.


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