“Be lovers of truth and doers of justice” Mary Ward

The values of justice, peace and the integrity of creation are promoted in Loreto Grammar School.  Social justice is a core element of the Loreto Mission as students are encouraged to be ‘active citizens for change.’

The aim of JPIC, as part of development education, is to increase awareness about the root causes of local and global poverty and injustice and to find meaningful ways to take action for change.

The JPIC team are committed to acting justly and becoming thinkers and agents of social change.  We endeavour to fulfil this commitment through prayer, advocacy, curriculum content, communication, and fundraising.

As a group we will offer prayers on a weekly basis as a means of reaching out to those who are vulnerable and in need of spiritual support.  We will gather in communal prayer to offer support for local and global intentions related to social justice at Year Group assemblies throughout each term, this will be led by the JPIC prefects.

The JPIC group will continue to advocate for those on the periphery, we will be women of consequence in our quest for empowering those in need and in giving them a voice.  This will be fulfilled through thematic assemblies, literature on notice boards, use of TEAMS, social media platforms and a termly newsletter. This will empower our entire student body on global issues pertinent to justice and peace.

In devising curriculum content, when appropriate and relevant, and communication through social media platforms we will execute our duty to impact positively on the lives of others. We will relay inclusive, responsive, and respectful literature on areas of global concern, matters of social justice and charitable endeavours.

As actors of social change, we will fundraise for local and global charities.  Our sister school in Loreto Rumbek will continue to be our focus. As a team, we would like to extend our action and charitable outreach and we would like to invite all year groups to take part. Each Year Group will have a designated charity.  The JPIC prefects, alongside representatives from each charity, will empower each Year Group on the workings and action of each charity and take ownership of the fundraising endeavour.

The following documents each Year Group’s adopted charity:

Year 8 – Concern.  Digital Fast 17th November

Year 9 – Mary’s Meals. Sponsored Walk

Year 10 – Air Ambulance NI. Sponsored Walk.

Year 11 – Children in Crossfire.

Year 12 – Cancer Focus

Year 13 – Pieta House.

Year 14 – Cancer Focus

All Year Groups will fundraise for Loreto Rumbek with four non uniformed ‘themed’ days.

Fall Fundraiser – Friday 21st October (Autumnal colours)

A December to Remember (Christmas Colours) – Friday 9th December

Galantines Day (reds/pinks) – Thursday 9th February 

Eggcellent Easter (colours of joy)- Friday 31st March. 


Our endeavours will continue to be rooted, responsive and relevant and we will be committed to action for the common good.


The JPIC Prefects 2023-2024

My Name is Eva, and I am studying Sociology, Psychology and Health and Social Care. Such subjects match my interests in the study of people and the relationship between the individual and the society we are in. I decided to be a JPIC prefect as I am interested in being an advocate for people in need and I believe that through the JPIC team I can make a difference and help to fundraise and advocate for those who need a voice. I look forward to galvanising the school community in fundraising for all our named charities and advocating for those who are on the periphery. As a school community, we can go out and set the world on fire, words that echo Mother Teresa Ball.


My mane is Niamh Carney and I study Health and Social Care, History and Sociology. In my role as a JPIC prefect, I aspire to make a difference alongside the collective endeavours of our school community in fundraising and advocacy. I am looking forward to help with fundraising for various charities and creating awareness of their vital work in our communities, and to give back to those who give so much to us. I have been involved in the UN Advocacy Programme and I really enjoyed working alongside girls from different nationalities as we aimed to empower girls globally. I will always keep Mary Ward’s words close as I journey through this year, ‘Do good and do it well.’


My name is Niamh Devlin, and I am studying Religion, Health and Social Care and Sport. I am very excited to embark om my duties as JPIC prefect as I aspire to help those in need through various ways and means such as raising money through fundraising. I have experience with helping some very notable charities such as “Tiny life”, which is a charity close to my heart as it was Tiny Life who helped my sister throughout her childhood surgeries and supported our family when we needed it most. Everyone has a narrative, and many valuable organisations help and support such stories, as JPIC prefects we will give back. I look forward to communicating to our school community issues relating to social justice and celebrating the work of our Loreto sister worldwide, especially the work of Sr Orla in South Sudan and Sr Patricia in Peru.


My name is Meabh Ward, and I am the Senior Prefect of the Justice and Peace team for this year. I am studying Biology, Chemistry and Business Studies. I choose to be a part of the Justice and Peace Team because it provides me with the opportunity to help make a difference both in our local community and further afield by supporting charities and worthy causes. I hope to help raise awareness of several different charities and contemporary issues facing society today. I am looking forward to engaging with members of the school community and empowering them to collectively help make a positive impact in society. We will also pray on a weekly basis for peace, for people, for acceptance, for the poor, hungry and those on the periphery and we will pray for help and guidance in all our work in Loreto, Omagh and for our worldwide network of Schools. Prayer and Faith always accompany good works.


My name is Beth Thompson, and I am studying Nutrition and Food Science, Business Studies and Health and Social Care. I am looking forward to my senior leadership role as a JPIC prefect as I enjoy helping people and promoting equality and fairness. As Loreto students we are socialised into accepting and acting out joyful service for all and I look forward to leading this. The Dalai Lama once said, ‘Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.’ Such possibilities will know no bounds as a team and school community, I know we will show responsibility, generosity, and a readiness to be of service to others through our roles in directing fundraising, advocacy, and prayer.

Indeed, we will echo the words of Mary Ward throughout our school community ‘What more can I do, what more can I give’.




“We must build a new culture of life that confronts today’s problems affecting life. The purpose of the Gospel is, in fact to transform humanity from within and to make it new. We need to begin within our Christian communities themselves.”

Evangelium Vitae, John Paul II, 1995, (#95)