“Be lovers of truth and doers of justice” Mary Ward

The values of justice, peace and the integrity of creation are promoted in Loreto Grammar School.  Social justice is a core element of the Loreto Mission as students are encouraged to be ‘active citizens for change.’

The aim of JPIC, as part of development education, is to increase awareness about the root causes of local and global poverty and injustice and to find meaningful ways to take action for change.

The JPIC group was set up in 2007 and to date has raised awareness of many local and global issues such as the Millennium Development Goals, Fair Trade, the Trocaire Global Gift Campaign, Child Labour, Animal Rights, Human Trafficking, Homelessness, Climate Change, Environmental issues, Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women.

A key focus of our justice work in 2021 is to continue with our fundraising endeavours for our sister school, Loreto Primary and Secondary School, Rumbek, South Sudan, under the leadership of Sister Orla Treacy. We are proud supporters of Sr. Orla and the Loreto sisters as they courageously empower their students in an area characterised by conflict and chaos.


The JPIC group is run in connection with the Loreto Education Network. Each year a seminar is held, where the JPIC coordinators meet representatives from all the Loreto schools in Ireland. These seminars raise the social consciousness of the participants, empowering students and teachers in their role as agents of social change.

A vibrant and energetic JPIC groupmeet weekly at lunchtime with the aim of raising awareness in our school community about relevant topical issues throughout the world and what we can do as a student body to help.


Read more about the JPIC Team and meet the members of JPIC for 2021-2022 below:




“We must build a new culture of life that confronts today’s problems affecting life. The purpose of the Gospel is, in fact to transform humanity from within and to make it new. We need to begin within our Christian communities themselves.”

Evangelium Vitae, John Paul II, 1995, (#95)