A Level – Technology and Design


The aims of this subject are to encourage creativity and innovation with a view to producing high quality products based on knowledge of technological processes and informed design.

Recommended GCSE Subjects and Grade 

Design and Technology A*/B


Art and Design A*/C

Mathematics A*/B

Other Contributory Subjects

Geography Business Studies Chemistry Maths Physics

Other Information

Design and Technology is an interdisciplinary subject which is designed to be student focused. Students should have a broad academic background and have both creative and practical skills. The development of these skills will depend heavily on independent learning and the use of Key Skills.  Involvement in exhibitions etc. and participation in competitions will be encouraged.

Subject Content

Component 1 – Written Examination – Principles of Design and Technology (50% of qualification) 2 hours 30 mins (120 marks)

Component 2 – Non-examined assessment – Independent Design and Make Project (50% of qualification) Substantial item to be manufactured with accompanying portfolio. (120 marks)


Component 1 –

Questions on :

Topic 1: Materials

Topic 2: Performance characteristics of materials

Topic 3: Processes and techniques

Topic 4: Digital technologies

Topic 5: Factors influencing the development of products

Topic 6: Effects of technological developments

Topic 7: Potential hazards and risk assessment

Topic 8: Features of manufacturing industries

Topic 9: Designing for maintenance and the cleaner environment

Topic 10: Current legislation

Topic 11: Information handling, Modelling and forward planning

Topic 12: Further processes and techniques.

Using Mathematics has an increasing role in the component 1 examination.

 Career Possibilities 

Design and Technology combined with Sciences and Maths is excellent for Engineering. Combined with Art and Design and some Science it would be excellent for industrial/product design. It keeps a lot of STEM career options open. In any combination Design and Technology is excellent for teaching.

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