GCSE – Technology and Design




This subject is a natural extension of the work already undertaken in years 8 -10 and is firmly based on the requirement that students should design and make products. In particular they should develop their ability to:

  • apply knowledge and understanding.
  • communicate effectively; and
  • manipulate a range of materials and components to make products.

Course Content

Students will undertake further work in all areas already studied in KS 3 and will extend the range of machines and equipment they use, as well as improving their skills in the use of materials. They will also develop designing skills, sketching techniques and problem solving scenarios.

Method of Assessment

The assessment is based on:

Examinations (50%)

  • Unit 1 – Technology and Design Core (25%)
    • Content – Manufacturing, Electronics, Mechanisms, Computer Control and Pneumatics
    • 1½ hour examination
  • Unit 2 – Product Design Option (25%)
    • Content – Designing and Innovation, Materials, Components and Fabrication, Manufacturing Practices, Social Responsibility and Market Influences
    • 1½ hour examination

Coursework (50%)

  • Unit 3 – Design Project
    • Design folder including research, design ideas, development, working drawing and evaluation
    • Limited to 10 x A3 pages
    • Theme given by exam group
    • Manufacturing of 3D item within class time

Why study Technology and Design?

Students get to;

  • design and make their own product
  • work with tools and machines
  • use a variety of graphical techniques to communicate their design ideas
  • make links between products and the impact they have on daily life
  • develop decision making skills
  • gain insight into careers linked to the subject such as manufacturing and engineering
  • study a STEM subject which could increase their earning potential, offer variety and challenge, as well as contributing to a sustainable future.

Should I choose Technology and Design?

The most suitable students to study Technology and Design are those who;

  • are creative and imaginative
  • take care with the presentation of their work
  • can meet deadlines
  • enjoy working in the workshop with wood, metal and plastic
  • have maintained a good level of work and grades throughout KS3
  • take pride in making a product of a high quality
  • are interested in design and manufacturing
  • are prepared to work consistently in class to complete the required controlled assessment tasks

Grades A* – E are available.