“The glory of God is a person fully alive.” (Irenaeus)


Members of Department:

Miss Clare Campbell

Miss D. Gorman

Mrs P. Ferguson

Mrs A. McGinley

Mrs K. McFadden


Key Stage 3: Years 8, 9 and 10

We create our own specifications with some reference to the Irish Catechetical Programme published by Veritas. This is a continuation of the ‘Alive O’ series from Primary School.

Year 8: Fully Alive 1
Year 9: Fully Alive 2
Year 10: Fully Alive 3

Our programme has an academic content and a strong catechetical emphasis. The aim is to build a solid knowledge and understanding of the Catholic faith and our mission in the world.

Across the Key Stage, we have created units of work which include the Bible, Sacraments, Prayer, Church Life, Morality, Church History, Theology, World Religions and Service.

Prayer and worship are central to the daily life of an R.E class and we also prepare weekly Assembly.

Pupils Celebrate the Bicentenary of Mother Teresa Ball

Pupils visit the first home of the Loreto Order

The Loreto Convent House