Members of Department:

Mr Gerard Bradley (Head of Department)

Mrs Gwawr McGirr



Aims of the Music Curriculum at Loreto 

– All students, regardless of prior experience or capability, are engaged in active music making and are allowed to feel a sense of achievement

– Pupils achieve levels which are in line with, or above expectation for their age. This will be reflective of prior experience and in relation to this experience, students make good progress

– The attainment of different ethnic groups is not significantly different from the general school population

– The music curriculum responds to the cultural heritage of the local community, whilst addressing a range of other cultures

– The curriculum promotes the musical achievement of different cultural groups

– Good information is provided on musical opportunities within the local and wider community

– Students have the opportunity to learn a range of musical instruments, which reflect their interests and aspirations

– Opportunities are provided for students to perform in out-of-class music activities

– The music department is well resourced and ICT is used to enable students to make progress (and not used when other resources are more appropriate)

– Music makes a contribution to the life of the school and to the development of key skills (social, moral and spiritual development, literacy, ICT etc)

– Music to interact with other subjects/faculties across the school with similar age groups or periods within the day