Members of Department:

Mrs Gwawr McGirr (Head of Department)

EANI Peripatetic Music Tutors and Other Music Tutors 


The units of work for Years 8 – 10 provide pupils with opportunities to explore many different genres and styles of music.  Pupils will learn basic tin whistle, keyboard and African Drumming skills to develop their performance skills.  Development of composition and listening skills at Key Stage 3 are encouraged within creative group work tasks based around the units of work.   

Pupils will also be provided with opportunities to engage with pupils from other schools within the Omagh Learning Community – such as the African Drumming unit of work to be held with Arvalee School and Resource Centre in Year 9 (2023) and Reggae (2019) 

The aims of the Music Department at Loreto are to: 

  1. Provide pupils with robust, high quality, pupil-centred teaching, learning and extra-curricular experiences, at all key stages, which reward effort and excellence; 
  2. Provide a nurturing environment in which pupils who show leadership potential can develop their skills supported with scaffolding and mentoring;
  3. Provide pupils and staff with opportunities to explore and appreciate the benefits of Music as it relates to their personal development, resilience, and mental well-being;
  4. Support the curricular and extra-curricular work of other departments in the school, through inter-departmental collaboration, to create synergies and a collegial atmosphere to the benefit of all.