KS3 Spanish


Members of the Department

Dr Richard Boyle – Head of Department

Mr Jonathan Younge – Teacher

José Luna – Language Assistant


Spanish is introduced to the student body in Year 10. It is delivered to all class groups on two periods per week. The course is fast tracked, thereby setting the appropriate tone for later years. The course is centred on four characters – Los Gusanos (the Tequila Worm family) that reside in a cactus in the Spanish department and Speedy Gonzales, the famous Mexican mouse who is also in situ. Other characters appear. Passages based around these characters are used to build up reading skills and deliver topic-based vocabulary. When possible, we indulge in Karaoke. As proper pronunciation and intonation can constitute major barriers to learning a foreign language, each pupil receives her own digitally recorded copy of the course.



  • To introduce pupils to various aspects of the Hispanic, thereby opening their minds to other world cultures.


  • To bring pupils to as high a standard as is possible over the academic year.


  • To make the year as positive an experience as is possible for every pupil in the Year group.


  • To prepare those who opt for GCSE, giving them as sound a foundation as is possible over the academic year.