GCE Mathematics builds on the skills, knowledge and understanding that students have developed in their previous study of Mathematics up to GCSE Level.  The taught programme is the CCEA GCE Specification.

AS LEVEL: Candidate studies Pure Maths, Mechanics and Statistics.

A2 LEVEL: Candidate continues studies in Pure Maths, Mechanics and Statistics

Recommended GCSE Subjects and Grades 

Mathematics: Minimum Requirement

Higher Level (Modules M4 & M8) A*/A/B – subject to exam performance, attendance and work ethic.

*** GCSE Further Mathematics is beneficial but not essential.***

Subject Content

AS1: Algebra, Calculus, Trigonometry, Co-ordinate Geometry

AS2: Kinematics, Forces, Statistical Analysis, Probability

A21: Functions, Sequences, Parametric/Implicit Functions, Differential Equations

A22: Moments, Momentum, Statistical distributions, Hypothesis Testing.

Method of Assessment 

AS (end of Year 13): 2 written papers – AS1: 1 hour & 45 mins     AS2: 1 hour & 15 mins

A2 (end of Year 14): 2 written papers – A21: 2 hours & 3o mins    A22: 1 hour & 30 mins

Career Possibilities 

Accountancy, Actuary, Aeronautical Engineering, Architecture, Banking, Biomedical Sciences, Business Analyst, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Consultancy, Dentistry, Economics, Education, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Health, Finance, Forensics, Healthcare, Insurance, Law, Mathematician, Mechanical Engineering, Medicine, Operational Research, Optometry, Radiography, Pharmacy, Programming, Quantity Surveying, Retail, Software Engineering, Statistician, Veterinary.

Other Information 

Aptitude for the subject combined with consistent application and regular class attendance is vital in this sequential course. For progression in the subject, students must be prepared to undertake a large amount of independent study.  Skills incorporating interpreting information, logic, problem-solving, reasoning and data analysis are essential at this level of Mathematics.  The ability to solve contextualised problems set in novel and unfamiliar ways, with the expectation that pupils are able to select their own approach and bring together various aspects of the course content to reach a final solution, is the key to success in this subject.

Mathematics is an integral part of the STEM initiative. Mathematics can be used as a tool in many work situations and employers are keen for their workforce to be as numerate as possible.

Where opportunities arise Year 13 and Year 14 students studying Mathematics are encouraged to avail of subject related university support events and subject specific company workshops.

Student Comments

“I found the transition from GCSE Maths to AS Level Maths smooth and I feel that my choice of taking on Further Maths at GCSE, was beneficial in this. So far, I have really enjoyed AS Level Maths and I have enjoyed building on my knowledge from previous years. I chose Maths at AS Level because it has always been my favourite subject throughout my school years and this year, it has remained so. For me, Maths is an interesting and rewarding subject which is why I would like to pursue a career in this area and at the minute I am thinking of studying Actuarial Science because it is such a maths – focused career. My advice to any Year 12 thinking about taking it on at AS Level is to be prepared for a lot of work, but if you enjoy the subject and are prepared to invest the time, then it is a most enjoyable subject. Maths can open up a range of career opportunities and is complimentary to many other AS Level subjects. Even if you do not chose to do a career in maths, studying the subject alone gives you so many transferrable skills for a range of disciplines”.
(Grace Mc Namara – Year 13 Maths Student)

“I really enjoy Maths at AS level. I studied both Maths and Further Maths at GCSE which I have so far found very beneficial.  Maths at post 16 requires a lot of hard work and perseverance but it is a very enjoyable and rewarding subject. You need to be able to commit to a lot of independent study to reinforce classwork.  Maths at Post 16 enables you to develop problem solving and analytical skills which open doors to many career opportunities. I hope to continue studying Maths beyond A-Level to enter a career in Finance or Statistics and Operational Research”.
(Rosie Baxter – Year 13 Maths Student)

My name is Aoife Duddy and I am in Year 13 currently studying A level maths. I was slightly apprehensive about the transition from GCSE to A level, but to my surprise it wasn’t as bad as I had expected. I had studied Further Maths for GSCE, so some of the topics were already familiar to me in the beginning which helped a lot but they became tougher as the weeks progressed.
I enjoy maths as it challenges me to think logically and to develop problem solving skills which are great attributes sought by many future employers. I enjoy the fact that in Maths, we are constantly learning new material which keeps my mind sharp and also makes the topic more enjoyable.
My advice to any Year 12 considering A level Maths is to be aware of the workload ahead. The right application is needed to both succeed and enjoy the subject. This involves making sure you understand what you are being taught, staying up to date with the material provided and most importantly, asking for help if needed. A Level Maths requires a lot of independent work outside of the classroom delivery.
As for the future, I love the idea of having a maths based career, possibly in the Financial sector. I know that the skills and knowledge acquired in the study of A level maths will certainly stand me in good stead on whatever path I choose to take.
(Aoife Duddy – Year 13 Maths Student)


Post 16 Numeracy Prefect supporting learners through Peer Mentoring Clinic.


Past A Level Mathematics Student, Maria Thompson (Summer 2021) who was awarded Top First Year Student in QUB Actuarial Science and Risk Management.


Transfer and Admissions to Year 8 September 2024

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