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Members of the Department 

Mrs Fiona Kirk - HOD
Mrs Aislinn Connolly


Never has there been a more exciting time to study this subject.  Few subjects are as relevant to our everyday lives as Government and Politics. Politics is a challenging and rewarding subject examining the dynamics of human interaction and seeks to understand what happens when individuals and groups struggle with one another to achieve their different goals.  From Boris and Brexit to Trump and foreign relations with Iran, Politics class guarantees interesting and lively debate.

Recommended GCSE Subjects and Grades

GCSE English - Grade B and above

GCSE History - Grade B and above

Other Contributory Subjects

Studying politics helps learners gain many analytical and practical skills including the ability to conduct research, oral and written communication and IT. All of these are invaluable in today’s employment market and subjects such as Religious Education and Geography would be beneficial.

Subject Content 

AS Level

AS 1: Government and Politics of Northern Ireland (40%)

AS 2: The British Political Process (60%)

A2 Level

A2 1: Comparative Government. A Comparative Study of the Government and Politics of the UK and USA (60%)

A2 2: Political Power and Political Ideas (40%)

Method of Assessment 

This subject is assessed by external examination only. There is no coursework. Examination papers vary in length and consist of short and longer questions.

AS 1: One source and four questions on N.I devolved government

AS 2: Five questions on the British Executive and Legislature and the British Judiciary AS Level 40% of A’ Level

A2 1:One source and six questions USA/UK comparative

A2 2:One source and five questions Political Power A2 Level 60% of A’ Level

Career Possibilities 

Studying Politics offers many avenues into a wide choice of career possibilities including: Law,  Journalism, Marketing,  Education and Lecturing, Civil Service,  Government, Electioneering Legislative Affairs, Public Relations, Diplomatic Services, Elected Representative and Consultancy work.

Other Information

Studying Government and Politics offers students an insight into the world in which they live. In learning how political decisions affect our daily lives, pupils gain knowledge into who has the power and authority to make those decisions. Through debating topical and controversial issues they also develop valuable analytical and evaluation skills to form their own political opinions and study different ideological perspectives.  It is an invaluable course for those who are interested in people, power and fairness in society.

Year 13 Politics Student Q&A Session with Education Minister, Peter Weir (November 2020)











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