Child Development

The GCSE Home Economics: Child Development course will give you opportunities to learn about the important considerations when having a family and caring for a small baby. You will also learn about the developmental needs of young children (aged 0–5 years) and how to look after their health and well-being.

Unit 1: Parenthood, Pregnancy and the Newborn Baby (30%)

You will study:

  • the family and parenting responsibilities;
  • reproduction;
  • pregnancy;
  • diet and lifestyle during pregnancy;
  • birth;
  • the newborn baby; and
  • feeding the newborn baby.

Unit 2: The Development of the Child (0–5 Years) (30%)


You will study:

  • dietary needs of the child (0–5 years);
  • child health and education; and
  • development of the child: – social development;– physical development;– intellectual development; – communication development; and– emotional development.


  • Unit 3: Investigation Task. (40%)
  1. You will carry out research based on a given title.
  2. You will plan and carry out activities to produce an outcome.
  3. You will evaluate all aspects of the task.
  4. The task is split into five parts and you will have word limits to follow.

Career Opportunities

Pre-School Education
Early Years Education
Play Therapy
Educational Psychology
NSPCC Services
Child Protection Services
Health Visitor
Occupational Therapy
Speech and Language Therapy
Adoption and Foster Care Service
Probation Officer
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
CONSUMER AFFAIRSConsumer Protection
Consumer Education
Environmental Health Protection

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