A Level – Business Studies


The subject content in Business Studies is very interesting as it relates to everyday life.  A-Level Business Studies provides students with the opportunity to explore the many aspects of business activity such as Finance, Marketing, Human Resources and Production.  Students will also explore how businesses interrelate with the external environment in relation to the economy, changing trends, developments in technology, for example.


Recommended GCSE Subjects and Grades

English Language A / B Maths A / B


Other Contributory Subjects
Business Studies ICT Accounting


Other Information
In addition to Careers highlighted, Business Studies is also extremely useful if you are considering having your own business at any time in the future e.g. Night Club; Cinema Complex; Restaurant; Clothes Shop; Production Company; Chemist Shop; Optometry Clinic; Physiotherapy Clinic; Dental Surgery; GP Surgery


Subject Content


AS 1:  Introduction to Business

AS 2:  Growing the Business 40% of A-Level



A2 1:  Strategic Decision Making

A2 2:  The Competitive Business Environment 60% of A-Level


Method of Assessment 

Data Response Questions

Case Studies


Career Possibilities 

Marketing Manager Financial Manager Retail Management Production Manager Management Consultancy Sales Manager Teaching    Public Relations    Mortgage Advisor Advertising Executive Accountant    Hotel Management Personnel Manager Environmental Manager Market Research Lecturing Customer Services Manager Internet Manager Brand Manager Bank Manager Company Director

Transfer and Admissions to Year 8 September 2024

Update on Key Dates and Information on Special Circumstances and Special Provisions, following the SEAG Entrance Assessment,  are available in section: “Transfer 2024”