GCSE – Business Studies

Members of Department:

HOD: Mrs Sarah O’Hagan


GCSE Business Studies relates to everyday life e.g. buying products in shops and on-line; managing your money; customer trends; branding; advertisements on TV and in newspapers, magazines etc.; money and wages; reasons why businesses continually develop new products e.g. Crème Egg bars, iPads, iPhones, etc.

Course Content

Unit 1: Starting a Business.  This looks at: entrepreneurs, business resources, setting up a business, business ownership, public and private sector, business location, business aims and objectives, stakeholders, marketing mix, product, pricing, place, distribution, promotion, branding, fashion trends, competition, customer service, international business, e-business, m-business, production, manufacturing, quality and health and safety.

Unit 2: Developing a business.  This looks at: recruitment, CVs, selection, interviews, training,  motivation,  appraisal, business success and failure, business growth, exports and imports, economies of scale, recession, mergers, takeover’s , raising finance, bank loans, mortgages, interest rates, cash flow forecasts, business accounts and break-even.

Unit 3: Planning a Business. This is a synoptic unit which looks at business planning and draws on knowledge and understanding from the whole specification. Students have the opportunity to plan an carry out research and apply it to a range of real business contexts.

Method of Assessment

Unit 1:             External written exam             (1 hour 30 minutes)                                      40%

Unit 2:             External written exam            (1 hour 30 minutes)                                       40%

Unit 3:             Controlled Assessment      (Booklet A = 12 Hours Research.

                                                                          Booklet B = 1 Hour exam)                                20%

Career Opportunities

  1. Self-employment, ie running your own business, eg a: Night Club, Cinema Complex, Fitness Suite, Bowling Alley, Ice Rink, Restaurant, Clothes shop, Production company, Chemist shop, Optometry Clinic, Physiotherapy Clinic, Dental Practice, GP Surgery, etc.
  2. Business Careers, ie, a job as a: Marketing Manager, Advertising Manager, Brand Manager, Customer Services Manager, Export Manager, Public Relations Officer, Production Manager, Company Director, Accountant, Management Consultant, Bank Manager, Catering Manager, Human Resources (Personnel) Manager, Business Development Advisor, etc.
  3. Teaching or Lecturing.
  4. Managing your own personal finances.

 GLA Entrance Assessment Results

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