Members of Department:
HOD: Mrs J McGuigan
Teacher: Mr S Deery
Technicians: Mrs Karen Walsh and Mrs Sheena Bi


In Art and Design, pupils are given the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of creative and expressive activities in both two and three dimensions. Students are taught to observe carefully and record what they see, using different artistic media. The department also teaches an appreciation of artists, designers and craft workers in society and other cultures, which helps pupils to understand the diversity of people in their own community and the wider world. The Loreto Art and Design department encourages all children to develop their skills and let their artistic talents shine!

Year 8
In the Year 8 scheme of work pupils are introduced to the visually exciting world of Art & Design. The units of work are designed to stimulate creativity, develop artistic skills and nurture self-expression.
In year 8, pupils have the opportunity to:

• Observe and record the visual world.
• Experiment through printmaking.
• Explore textiles in a creative way.
• Work with clay.
• Visit an exhibition.
• Learn about artists, designers and the artwork of other cultures.

Year 9

In Year 9, the focus is on the development of student’s creative and artistic capabilities from skills learned in Year 8.
In Year 9, students are encouraged to:

• Observe and record through artistic and graphic media.
• Use ICT creatively to respond to a Graphic Design brief.
• Develop their skills in textiles.
• Create a sculpture.
• Learn about the work of artists and designers.

Year 10
In Year 10 students are encouraged to respond to artistic themes and design briefs in a personal way.
In Year 10, students are encouraged to:
• Respond in a personal and imaginative way to themes in Fine Art.
• Use their creativity and problem-solving skills to meet the demands of a design brief to create two- and three-dimensional outcomes.
• Express an appreciation and understanding towards the work of artists and designers.