Cannabis Oil Disguised as Confectionary

Transport and Food in Schools Safety Email

Health & Safety Refresher – March 2021

We look forward to welcoming Year 12 – 14 students back tomorrow, 22nd March 2021.  For all our latest Health & Safety Information, please click on the link below.


New Vice-Principal Appointment


On 5th of February we announced the appointment of our new Vice-Principal, Mrs Mary Gavin, via our Social Media channels.  Our Principal, Board of Governors and the Loreto Education Trust extended their heartiest congratulations to Mrs Gavin on her appointment and wished her every future success in her new Leadership role.

P.E. Movement Challenge with StephSkips

A huge thank you to our past pupil, Stephanie McDermott, for leading us in the Loreto Skipping Challenge. This Movement Challenge was launched by our PE Teacher, Miss Barbour at the beginning of January to help us through another phase of lockdown learning.  She was delighted to work with Stephanie to support the health & well-being of our school community.

On leaving school Stephanie studied for a degree in Advertising and Brand Management in Manchester Metropolitan University. She then started her career in Manchester before moving to London to work at an Insight and Brand Strategy Agency. 

Placing great importance on sport and exercise, Steph is still a member of two netball teams. Covid lockdowns meant no netball or gym, so she initially took up skipping just to keep fit! She then began learning skills and tricks which she decided others would benefit from. Skipping is amazing for both physical and mental health and we thank Steph and Miss Barbour for encouraging us all to give it a go!

Check out Steph’s Instagram page @steph.skips to see more, or to ask questions.


‘Loreto Family’ Fundraiser – £1470 Raised for Loreto, Sudan


Mrs McElroy and the JPIC Team launched the ‘Loreto Family’ fundraiser at the beginning of the February Half-Term, to raise much needed funds for our sister school in Rumbek, South Sudan. Mrs McElroy reported on Monday 22nd February, ‘”We have been overwhelmed and very heartened by the generous donations from staff, students, family, and friends of Loreto to our virtual fundraiser through the Go Fund me link on our school’s Facebook page.  Indeed kindness is its own reward. We are almost at our target of £1000.  We will be closing this endeavour on Friday and this is a gentle invitation to those who still wish to give.  It  has been almost a year since Sr Orla graced our school to highlight the need for our continued support for Loreto Sudan and we are so glad that we can continue to help through fundraising, advocacy and prayer. A student recently quoted Anne Frank’s words that ‘No one has ever become poor by giving.’ So we would like to extend our sincere thanks to all who have donated and we look forward to achieving our target”.

UPDATE: A total of £1470 Raised for Loreto, Sudan

Head Girl Talks About The Challenges of her Role This Year


The first Talk Tuesday of December featured our Head Girl, Eilis.  Here she talks about the challenges associated with this role this year!


‘Meet Maura’ – Deputy Head Girl 2020-21


As part of our Talk Tuesday series, on the 8th of December our Deputy Head Girl, Maura, spoke to us about her role as Deputy Head Girl in Loreto.

‘Welcome Back’ from new Principal, Mrs Cullinan


2020 – December Information Sheet

Meabh Talks About the Work of the JPIC Team

Year 14 pupil, Meabh talks about the very important work done by the JPIC Team in Loreto. You will get an opportunity to meet the whole team in Issue 2 of the Loreto Times.

The JPIC Team