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The Loreto Times Magazine encapsulates the life and times of Term 1 of Academic Year 2023-2024:

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Loreto To Lusaka Fundraising Events

Our volunteer team are busy organising wonderful fundraising events to help build a new Home Economic’s classroom in the Tyrone Secondary School, Lusaka, Zambia.


Our team will travel to Lusaka in 2024 and are excited to visit and experience the wonderful life and culture alongside The Spirit of Paul McGirr Foundation.


We hope our school community will support these fundraising events to help raise funds for such a worthy project.



Loreto To Lusaka

We are so excited to introduce our volunteer team who are beginning their fundraising endeavours for our 2024 ‘Loreto to Lusaka’ Project, alongside The Spirit of Paul McGirr Foundation.

Get to know the girls who will be spearheading the organisation and fundraising for a new Home Economic’s room in the Tyrone Secondary School in Lusaka, Zambia.


Parents’ Association

Parents’ Association:

  • Meeing open to all parents and guardians.
  • Wednesday 6th December
  • 7Pm
  • School Canteen

Wednesday Well Being Club

Wednesday Well- Being Club


Another fun Wellbeing Wednesday! Our session followed the ‘Be active’ aspect of ‘Take 5 Steps for Wellbeing. See the attached flyer for activities for the rest of October.’
Possible blurb for wall (if we need to post it)
‘To mark World Mental Health day. some of our wonderful students created a ‘Wall of Positivity’ bursting with beautiful positive sentiments for their Loreto community.

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The Loreto Times June 2023

The Loreto Times June 2023

Our latest edition of The Loreto Times is now available to view below.

Discover and reflect on life during Term 2 and Term 3 of Loreto.

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The Loreto Times June 2023



Year 10 GCSE Subject Choice Information

Prior to submitting GCSE subject choices (before 3:30pm 10th March 2023) please see the following information for your guidance:

  1. Video (Year 10 GCSE Subject Choice Information Video) featuring guest speakers:
  • Head of Year 10, Mrs Mc Nally
  • Head of Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance, Mr Wilson
  • Past Pupil and Human Rights Barrister, Mary Rachel McCabe.



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My Experience in Lockdown – By Aleu Pineda

Being in lockdown can have its ups and downs, and I’ve had my fair share of them. I mostly spend my days lounging around the house, completely bored out of my mind; or during other days – I am stressed to the max with the homework. So, I’m going to be sharing my story in lockdown.

The good and the bad of being home-schooled: I was thrilled when I learned that we had to stay home, because I thought that meant that we wouldn’t get a lot of work. (Boy, was I wrong). I liked being taught at home because of the fact that we could sleep most of the day away and then just leave the work until later. The fact that we wouldn’t have to put on the uniform and carry that heavy bag around was a plus too. I was also quite relieved that we didn’t have to do any video calls for class, like some schools did.

Online school can be a dread sometimes. Lifting up your phone or looking at your computer and seeing all those notifications from Teams can really dampen your mood. And the fact that you could fall behind on all of your work if you just miss one. It really makes me panic more than I actually should.

On a way to pass the time, I spend most of the time in the kitchen trying to cook. I watch TV or listen to music (and sometimes even learn choreographies to those songs). But I spend the majority of my time with my family, catching up on family time that I could never get when there was no lockdown. So I guess, I have lockdown to thank for getting even closer to my family.

I miss a lot of people because of lockdown. Mostly my friends though. I never realised how dull things can be if I didn’t see my friends, in person, quite often. Of course, we have social media to help – but it’s just not the same as it usually is. I miss being able to spend time with them outside of school or even just messing around during school. Speaking of school, I actually do miss school; which is a sentence that I thought I would never say, but it is very true. I miss learning in the classrooms and having fun with the teachers too. It feels weird without school, which just makes me miss it more.

I stay hopeful every day, that lockdown and corona can finally be over and I can see my friends and be in school. A lot of people are suffering because of this, whether they are front-line workers and their families, people who have Covid-19, or just people feeling the same way I do. And I pray that everyone is staying safe, and also look forward to the day we can be normal again.


Expression of Interest to join Post 16 at Loreto in September 2024 (For external students):