I am privileged to lead in my role as Principal of Loreto Grammar School Omagh Our school for 11-18 year old girls has a long tradition of excellence based on a distinctive Loreto ethos and philosophy of education.

In addition to an overview of the diverse range of curricular, outreach and extra-curricular experiences, our website encapsulates the vibrancy, engagement and enjoyment shared by students and staff.  Positive, respectful relationships between students, staff, parents and the wider school community are the hallmark of our success and fundamental to our Loreto ethos and characteristic spirit.   Rooted in faith, we are guided by our strong Loreto values and principles, in delivering an education which is responsive and relevant to an ever-changing world.  Our Loreto tradition of education ensures inspiration, innovation, progression, transformation and our vocation to embrace change.  It is centred in the firm belief that each pupil has a voice and is valued; can and is nurtured within a safe, caring, supportive environment to achieve her personal best; is empowered to fulfil her dream in modern society and place her gifts and talents in service to others.

We welcome all denominations to our inclusive Loreto education which is first and foremost child-centred, placing every pupil and her dreams at the heart of our commitment and vision: Making young dreams possible.

Please browse our website and enjoy the breadth of experience, fun, vibrancy, life and growth of our pupils, our Loreto community.


Susan Cullinan