P.E. Movement Challenge with StephSkips

A huge thank you to our past pupil, Stephanie McDermott, for leading us in the Loreto Skipping Challenge. This Movement Challenge was launched by our PE Teacher, Miss Barbour at the beginning of January to help us through another phase of lockdown learning.  She was delighted to work with Stephanie to support the health & well-being of our school community.

On leaving school Stephanie studied for a degree in Advertising and Brand Management in Manchester Metropolitan University. She then started her career in Manchester before moving to London to work at an Insight and Brand Strategy Agency. 

Placing great importance on sport and exercise, Steph is still a member of two netball teams. Covid lockdowns meant no netball or gym, so she initially took up skipping just to keep fit! She then began learning skills and tricks which she decided others would benefit from. Skipping is amazing for both physical and mental health and we thank Steph and Miss Barbour for encouraging us all to give it a go!

Check out Steph’s Instagram page @steph.skips to see more, or to ask questions.