My Experience in Lockdown – By Meabh Ward


My experience of lockdown has been rather good so far. I have kept myself busy and lockdown has given me the chance to de-stress from my hectic, busy life. I have the chance to do things I enjoy that I never had time for before; for example, yesterday I baked a lemon drizzle cake, did some gardening, went for a cycle and fixed the fence in one of our fields, all of which I would never have dreamed of having the time to do. 

I keep myself busy every day by home schooling. Home schooling is quite enjoyable in my opinion, it means I can continue learning and preparing for my GCSE’s next year. I like how I can create my own schedule and work at a time that suits me. Another bonus to home schooling is that I will never forget a book (which happens at school way too often!) 

The negatives of home schooling for me is when all the teachers send me work at the same time on a Monday morning and you have to try find a balance of how to evenly spread out the work over the coming week. The work can be baffling at times too, as there is no teacher present to explain it so it’s sort of like teaching yourself. However, overall I am enjoying this new experience of home schooling despite whatever difficulties that come with it. 

I miss being at school every day (but I definitely do not miss getting up every morning at 7am). I miss seeing all my friends and I miss my class and how we would be spending our last 2 months together as 10A4 before being split up in September. 

I really miss my family as well; I have a total of 7 vulnerable people in my family, so I don’t get to see most of them at all. Every day I cycle to my granny’s house and wave to her from outside her window, then I would start to maybe cut her grass or trim a hedge. It really makes her day whenever my brother or I call with her. My brother is 18 in 2 weeks, so my family were thinking of throwing him a party with a barbeque and cake (but with only my family attending of course) so at least that’s something to look forward too! 

I am very lucky to live right next to the Gortin Glens, so even though the park is closed, there is lots of neighbouring forests for me to explore. I am also very grateful for ‘Zoom,’- the app lets my zoom some of my friends that don’t have FaceTime and it is fun to have a chat with them. It brings a bit of normality to my lockdown life. 

Altogether, I am enjoying my lockdown experience, but I can’t wait until the day I get to go through the Loreto gates!