The Pastoral House System encourages pupils from Years 8, 9 & 10 to get to know and work alongside one another, thereby fostering co-operation and nurturing a sense of service, camaraderie and healthy competition.  The House System promotes good work and behaviour, teamwork and opportunities to take on responsibilities.  The House System celebrates Mary Ward’s Value of Joy and the nurturing, inclusive Ethos of the school.

Points are awarded for:

v  Attendance; Positive Referrals; Meeting your Target Grade; Extra-curricular involvement; Participation in Competitions, Initiatives and Events; Exceptional acts of Kindness and Good deeds; Endeavour and Effort.

The Houses are as follows:

HOUSE ONE-DERFUL                  8A1, 9A1 and 10A1

HOUSE TWO-ERRIFIC                 8A2, 9A2 and 10A2

HOUSE THREE-MENDOUS         8A3,9A3 and 10A3

HOUSE FOUR-TASTIC                 8A4, 9A4 and10A4

HOUSE FIVE-ABULOUS              8A5, 9A5 and10A5 

All classes receive a HOUSE PIN, with their own specific colour – pink, green, yellow, red and blue respectively.  This badge becomes a sign of identity and can open up conversations, in a way to get to know new people, outside your Class, but within your House. 

Year 14 pupils are our 5 House Captains and play a pivotal role on our Health & Wellbeing Prefect Team.  This innovative and energetic team run a Weekly Wednesday Wellbeing Club. We have 15 Key Stage 3 House Vice-Captains, who are appointed based on a Letter of Application.  The Captains, Vice-Captains and Head of Pastoral Care, Mrs M. Gavin,  meet regularly to discuss ideas for our House System and to share progress. 

We run a highly successful House Motto Competition; House Poster Competition, judged by the Art department, and House Points are also accrued from events such as Loreto’s Got Talent Show; Christmas Carol House Challenge; Public Speaking and Debating House Challenge; Choir and Sporting accolades… to name but a few examples. Monthly Rewards & Prizes are enjoyed. All Houses keenly await details of the Winning House MysteryTrip at the End of the Academic Year.  In June of the academic year 2018-19, House FOURTASTIC won the trip to the MILLENNIUM FORUM in Derry and enjoyed a beautiful dinner in ARBUTUS restaurant followed by HAIRSPRAY THE MUSICAL.  A wonderful evening was enjoyed by all! 

 Pupils must stay tuned to our weekly Newssheet, our House Noticeboard, Parent Newsletters and our Twitter Feed for House Updates.