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Having considered all of the implications for Admissions to Year 8 in September 2022, the Board of Governors of Loreto Grammar School, supported by the Loreto Trustees, wish to announce the following:
Admission to Loreto Grammar School 2022 will be via 2 routes:
Route 1 – 50% Academic Selection
Route 2 – 50% Non-academic Selection
Applicants can apply for both sets of admission routes.

The full admissions criteria for entry to Year 8 in September 2022 will be published in accordance with the guidelines provided by the Education Authority.

The Board of Governors is confident that GL Assessments this year will provide mitigations which are appropriate for the current P6 pupils, taking account of the disruption to their formal education during part of P5 and part of P6.

The decision on the admissions criteria for 2022 has been reached to provide equality of opportunity and choice for all pupils and we trust this offers clarity which parents and pupils seek at this time.

Board of Governors of Loreto Grammar School Omagh


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