KS3 Spanish   Members of the Department Dr Richard Boyle – Head of Department José Luna – Language Assistant Introduction Spanish is introduced to the student body in Year 10. It is delivered to all class groups on two periods per week. The course is fast tracked, thereby setting the appropriate tone for later years. […]


 “Growing your Irish roots!”   Members of the Department HOD: An Máistir ó hAodha/ Mr Hughes Teachers: Bean Uí Chuileanáin / Mrs Cullinan Bean Uí Fhinneagáin/ Mrs Finnegan Welcome to the Irish Department In Roinn na Gaeilge we enjoy teaching our pupils to understand and speak Irish while emphasising maximum use of the target language in a stimulating […]


KS3 –  French Members of Department: Mrs A Cassidy Mrs M Malone Ms B Fahy   Introduction All Year 8 and 9 classes have 4 periods of French per week. In Year 10, class contact time is reduced to 3 and 2 periods per week on alternate years. The topics studied in KS3 have been […]


GCSE – Modern Languages Introduction This is a two year course which offers opportunities to build on the language skills and capabilities already developed through the delivery of Key Stage 3. Course Content Each subject is divided into three contexts with associated topics: Context 1:   Identity, Lifestyle & Culture. · Myself, my family, relationships […]


A Level – French Introduction More than 220 million people on all five continents speak French.  It is a major language of international communication. French is the second most widely learned language after English.  The ability to speak French is an advantage when looking for a job.  Many multinational companies use French as their working […]


A Level – Irish Introduction AS Level Irish builds on the knowledge, understanding and skills developed within GCSE Irish at higher tier. The Advanced GCE specification incorporates the AS. Why choose GCE Irish?  Learning a language and studying another culture are both fascinating and mindexpanding in their own right.   We live in an interconnected world […]


A Level – Spanish Introduction An estimated 500 million people speak Spanish as their first language. Sixty million of these speakers live in the United States of America. It is the second biggest language in the world in terms of numbers, next to Mandarin Chinese and the second most widely spoken, next to English. The Spanish […]