A Level –  Health & Social Care

Members of Department

Mrs Sinead Magee – Head of Department

Mrs Maria Mc Elroy

Mrs Danielle Marlow


The fundamental philosophy of the course is that in order to understand the nature of Health and Social Care, students’ learning is applied to a range of work-related contexts. This will be achieved through a variety of approaches, including links with local care organisations, case studies and independent research. The course allows students to develop their creative and analytical thinking ability. It allows them to develop skills that will enable them to make an effective contribution to the Health and Social Care sector, including skills of research, evaluation and problem-solving in a work related context. Students have the opportunity to further their understanding of law, philosophy, psychology, health promotion and a broad range of other topics.

Recommended GCSE Subjects and Grades

Minimum school entry requirements plus at least Grade B in English

Other Contributory Subjects Psychology, Sociology, Biology, Home Economics, Child Development

Career Possibilities

Progression through Advanced Level will provided a suitable basis for further study in related subjects in Higher Education, as well as a valuable preparation for careers in any are of Health & Social Care.

Studying Health & Social Care provides an excellent foundation for those seeking employment in a wide range of careers including Nursing / Midwifery, Social Work, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy, Social Administration and Teaching.

Subject Content

UNIT AS-1: Promoting Positive Care

UNIT AS-2: Communication in Care Settings

UNIT AS- 3: Health and Well Being


UNIT A2-3: Providing Services

UNIT A2-4: Health Promotion

UNIT A2-5: Supporting the Family



 Method of Assessment

AS and A2 Health & Social Care is assessed by means of a combination of external assessment (externally set and marked exams) and internal assessment (portfolio evidence marked in school and moderated externally)

AS = 40% of the total A’Level

A2 = 60% of the total A’Level

Department Achievements

In December 2019, Aine Lawler was awarded first place in Northern Ireland at A’ Level.

Prior to this, for six consecutive years this department achieved the ‘Top Performing A’Level Candidate’ in Northern Ireland Award.

2017 – Kyra MacMahon

2016 – Cora Devine

2015 – Shannon Lennon

2014 – Kerry Quinn

2013 – Ellen Ward

2012 – Brigin McWilliams