My First Days at Loreto – By Sarah Slevin 8a4

My First Days at Loreto

When I first entered Loreto, I could hear my own heart-beat thumping through my chest as if there was someone in there trying to escape. The first thing that made me feel at home was the delicious smell of hot buttered toast. The smell made me feel warm and welcomed.

On my first few days at Loreto, I felt like the puzzle piece that didn’t fit into the puzzle. But as soon as I met my Year Twelve friend, I felt as if I had been there forever! She was so helpful and kind hearted like the big sister that I never had.

One of the things that scared me the most in Loreto was seeing the hundreds of girls on the corridors. I felt like the baby bird amongst all the older, bigger birds who were swooping in and all around me. I was relieved to get in to the safety of my next class.

Every Break time, my friends and I would meet at the All-Weather pitch. After an overwhelming morning of head crunching lessons, it was good to go for a dander and get some fresh air.

Mrs McCann took us swimming. I was very anxious about diving and swimming in deep water and so was my friend, Caoimhe. But we stuck together like two peas in a pod and as we started the swimming lesson, I felt a WHOLE lot better because my friends comforted me and made me feel I had nothing to be scared of. And that’s the secret ingredient of LORETO!

By Sarah Slevin 8a4

My First Day at Loreto – By Mary-Ann McMackin 8a4

My First Day at Loreto

I had butterflies in my stomach on my first day at Loreto. When I went into the building, I immediately felt reassured when my new classroom assistant, Siobhan, warmly welcomed me in the large, looming school.

I then met my Year 12 friend called Grace. She was super friendly to me and sometimes even got me Kinder chocolate.

The atmosphere felt very friendly and bright as I strolled into my Form class and met my Form Teacher, Mrs. Grant. She was also stunningly kind and taught us a lot of historical facts about the Romans.

There’s a whole package of so many new subjects that came my way when I started Loreto. One of my favourite tasks was writing about My First Day at Loreto.

I felt so exhausted at the end of the day. When I went home, I immediately snuggled myself into a blanket and dozed off to sleep but I couldn’t wait for the next day and what new subjects I would learn tomorrow.

Mary-Ann McMackin 8a4

My First Day at Loreto – By Eabha Hughes 8a4

My First Day at Loreto

In Loreto we have an earthquake full of new exciting subjects. I am as delighted as a birthday girl opening a wonderful massive present when I was introduced to a new subject. My favourite subjects so far, are Technology and Design and of course Home Economics because I just LOVE to bake. This year I am starting a new courageous adventure.

In Loreto they were so many other girls, I felt like I was caught like a little sparrow in a flock of eagles but I soon got used to it and so will every new pupil. I was definitely ready to leave primary school because I am having so much fun.

The canteen is like a whole new world, where I just want to try everything because everything is as scrumptious as the last chocolate brownie waiting for the one and only me. I love the food and I get to try new things which is great.

The homework wasn’t as daunting as I thought it would be in the first few weeks and so far I am managing my homework better than a Premiership Football manager!

When I started secondary school, I got the bus home which was not daunting at all because my Year Twelve buddy kindly showed me how to get to the bus depot and how to get the right bus home so now I feel so I confident and independent, exactly what I hoped to be on my first day at Loreto.

Eabha Hughes 8a4

My First Day at Loreto – By Ciara Reape 8a4

My First Day at Loreto

As I walked through the gates of Loreto, I felt a rush of excitement. I instantly knew this was where I was destined to be. I happily raced into school, eager to meet all my friends and begin my new Loreto journey. The delicious smell of warm toast relaxed me and made me feel calm and collected.

As I strolled into my Form Room, I could hear the chattering noise of my fellow peers. It was a lively atmosphere and I was dying to know about everyone’s summer holiday. Suddenly, the echoing bell rang, and within a split second, we were all racing to our classes, eager to get started.

Eventually, it was lunchtime. I was pleasantly surprised that the lines seemed to stay in order. Queuing for food was an easy process and I got quite excited when we were scanning our fingerprints to pay for our food! Imagine! It saves so much time and reduces the stress of losing money.

Ciara Reape 8a4

My First Day at Loreto – By Cass Cameron 8a4

My First Day at Loreto

As I tip-toed timidly through the Loreto gates, I could feel my thumping heart beating rapidly. My mouth was as dry as a desert. Nervously, I followed mature smart girls mimicking their every move.

In the distance I could see the big, brown building waiting to welcome me. As I quietly strode through the silent but swift automatic blue doors, I could feel the extreme heat. It was as calm as the ocean.

Suddenly, a soft-spoken teacher asked me a question. My lips answered in relief and then I replied carefully. She guided me quickly to the Assembly Hall glancing repeatedly at me like a teddy bear ready to give me a warm tight hug.

I rushed eagerly to the overwhelming canteen, trying enthusiastically to barge past caring, kind girls, wondering curiously what amazing food was on offer. I jumped up nervously hoping that my all-time favourite dish was there. Thankfully it was!

It was then time for me to go home. The day flew by like a paper aeroplane soaring through the bright blue sky. Now I just had to wait excitedly for the next day to come.

Cass Cameron 8A4

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