Open Night 2019

Wednesday January 23rd gave us the opportunity to open the doors of our school to prospective primary 7 pupils and their parents for our Open Night.

This annual event gives us the chance to show girls from many local primary schools what we can offer here at Loreto Grammar.  The whole school was buzzing throughout the night as groups were taken through each of the subjects, with many girls getting their hands dirty in each of the classes.



Junior Assembly – February 1st 2019

Year 10 GCSE Subject Choice Afternoon

On Thursday January 7th, our Year 10 classes were joined by their parents and had the opportunity to speak to teaching staff about their subject choices for GCSE.




PSNI Road Safety Show by Meghan Mc Cusker

Road Safety Show

Holy Cross College present Jesus Christ Superstar by Aisling Mc Canney

Jesus Christ Superstar

Loreto Camps Cambodia by Lisa Denton

Loreto Camps Cambodia

TextHelp Read&Write Software is now available!

Dear Parent

Read&Write is available for home use. Free!


Your school has been using a software tool called Read&Write from Texthelp to help every pupil improve in literacy. We’re pleased to say that this is now available for home use on any device your child uses.


This means that the software they use in school can now also be used at home for homework and study – in an effort by the school to support every child’s learning.


Read&Write is a piece of software that works as a ‘toolbar’ in conjunction with familiar tools such as Word, Google Docs and web browsers. It offers a range of powerful support tools to help students gain confidence with reading, writing, studying and research:

  • Text-to-speech to hear words, passages, or whole documents read aloud with easy-to-follow dual color highlighting
  • Dictionary definitions and pictures to identify the meaning of words
  • With speech-to-text, dictate words to assist with writing, proofreading & studying
  • Word prediction to offer suggestions for the current or next word to build writing skills
  • Collection of highlights from text in documents, from a web page or PDF for summarising and research to help revision
  • Pupils can receive voice notes in their documents to get teacher feedback on work – helping them improve their work faster
  • Simplify text on web pages to remove ads and other items that can be distracting


Watch this overview video of Read&Write features


At school, your child is already using Read&Write to access these powerful learning tools, and you can now download the software for home use by following the links below.


The school is very encouraged by the progress many pupils have already made in school by using Read&Write and we hope you will take the time to download the software at home so they can continue to receive this fantastic support tool.


Together we’ll help them reach their potential.


Quick steps to download:

You can download on up to 5 devices – Windows PC, Google Browser, Chromebook and Mac are all supported.

Read&Write for Google

Link to download

Link to quick reference guide

Link to training portal

Link to YouTube tutorial videos

Read&Write for Windows

To download, please contact the school.

Link to quick reference guide

Link to training portal

Link to YouTube tutorial videos


Always use the valid pupils school email account information when logging into Read&Write software.



Year 14 Formal by Megan Mc Daid

Year 14 Formal

My University Experience so far by Emma Denton

Uni Experience – Emma Denton

Invitation to all GCSE Students



Information Afternoon

Thursday 14 February at 1:30pm

Head of Careers Closing address 3:00pm


All Year 12 students and parents welcome

Meet with staff and subject ambassadors

for advice on our Post 16 pathway.


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